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  • Renewable Energy Photovoltaics and
  • Electronics and software solutions Software, FPGA design, and much more.
  • NETWORK SOLUTIONS Information-Technology
  • Digital-TV Pay-TV and Analytics


"Experience, Passion and Creativity"

Your expert for sustainability in the areas of hardware and software development for embedded systems, development
service provider for electronics and software, IoT, green energy (photovoltaics), network technology, e-mobility and producer of consumer electronics.
We have been internationally active for over 20 years, very down-to-earth, but constantly changing and developing. We only include the highest quality products in our diverse range of products - in doing so, we always focus on the needs of our customers.

IDS Office


IDS-Digital Netzwerklösungen

As an authorized Enterprise Partner of Huawei, we offer the entire ICT product range, e.g.

• Network Switches
• Campus Wifi6
• Data Storage
• Routers, ONUs, OLTs and
• ISP Core Router


DVB & Pay TV products:

• Ad Insertion and Analytics
• Pay-TV Set Top Boxes
• AndroidTV™ 4k
• Encryption Systems
• LNBs, Accessories


Intelligent PV solutions and charging stations for private households and companies:

• Inverter
• Smart Energy Meter
• Storage Solutions,
• Performance optimizer
• Solar Module
• Balcony Power plants
• Solar Carports
• E-mobility and PV surplus charging

Elektronik- und Softwarelösungen - ids-digital

With comprehensive service packages, we are happy to create individual solutions of all kinds, quickly and reliably:

• Hardware and software development
• Embedded Software
• FPGA-Design
• Application Services
• Web Development
• Mobile App development
• UI-/UX-Design
• Software Testing
• IT support


Customer Retention

The service and communication has a decisive influence on what customers think about our company. The majority of our top 30 customers have been loyal to us for over ten years.

In addition to the quality of our products, dealing with our customers is a mainstay of our success.


Each of our employees has specific expertise in engineering, strategic planning, project management, finance, logistics, quality control and supply chain management.

Our ground-breaking, standardized procedures aid in completing product deliveries and development projects on schedule and under budget.


The prerequisite for the clean implementation of our development projects is, above all, the many years of experience of our development engineers.

The diverse developments of electronics and software for the entertainment industry, pay TV, encryption, embedded technologies and IoT are extraordinary.

You need fast and uncomplicated support in hardware and software development, application services, web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software testing, IT support or PV planning, we will help you!

20 years of experience

Our team based in Lübeck has been working like a well-oiled machine working in tandem for the satisfaction as well as expansion of our customer base since 2005. Trust our 17 years of experience of satisfying our customers.

We are also proud to be part of Sandmartin International Holdings Ltd. since 2009. to belong, which was founded in 1987 in Taipei.

We also have our own production facilities with locations in China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam and the USA.

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