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"Experience, Passion and Creativity"

IDS has been realizing projects for the consumer electronics and industrial sectors since 2005.

We are a team of specialists in the development of hardware and software for embedded systems, development service providers for electronics and software, IoT gateways for PV surplus charging and Smart Home, IoT sensors, VOD applications, pay TV products, charging stations for electric vehicles and much more .

As a service provider for FPGA design, we develop customer-specific, programmable logic for FPGAs, CPLDs and develop complete boards. Due to the enormous number of projects, we have been able to gain experience with a wide variety of FPGA types over the years.

The area of ​​photovoltaics (Green Energy) with market-leading smart PV solutions for private and commercial applications has been supported by our in-house PV planners and qualified engineers for two years now.

Professional network solutions, ideal for setting up digital campus networks or data center switches, as well as Wi-Fi 6 WLAN products, multi-service OLTs and enterprise core routers complete the portfolio.

Our employees are also HCIA Datacom certified and pre-sales specialists (IP Network).

Flexibility, speed and quality in the development and provision of electronics and software, as well as product solutions, characterize us.

Our location is Lübeck, in addition to the 7 towers you will also find us in the beautiful Hanseatic city.

Lübeck convinces with its proximity to the Baltic Sea and the many bodies of water.

Surrounded by nature, we are lucky enough to be able to work in Lübeck.

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