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We turn your ideas into products

We have specialized in embedded software, innovative electronics development, FPGA design, IOT gateways and encryption systems (CAS/DRM).
Our engineering team develops for various areas of consumer electronics, industry, electromobility, photovoltaics and smart home.
Our passion is customer-specific software and product development!
We have 20 years of experience from a wide variety of projects and support you in the timely completion of your development projects.


Flexibility: Firmware for various microcontrollers, applications up to complex database and store systems

Languages: C/C++, Python, Embedded C, Pascal, Basic, Assembler, PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, .#NET, CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap)

Operating Systems: Linux, FreeRTOS, MS Windows, Android, Ecos

Hardware Platforms: ARM, MIPS, x86, Arduino, MCU ESP32/ESP8266, Raspberry PI, Ali, Sunplus, TI, Amlogic, Atmel AVR

UI design: GTK, proprietary frameworks, ATV Development

FPGA: Intel / Altera FPGA (Cyclone Series), Xilinx, Verilog, VHDL, embedded Boards, Intel Quartus Prime FPGA

Encryption Systems: Conax/Nagravision, Verimatrix, Panaccess, CryptoGuard

Web Platforms: Joomla CMS, Gambio Webshop, Plentymarkets, Shopware, WordPress CMS

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