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“Cutting-Edge Solar Carport Design “

Carports can be designed to combine cutting-edge technologies of solar power and EV charging in one product. We integrate solar PV canopy installations, battery storage and EV charging points at a great price.

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Electric Vehicle Charging with Renewable Energy

Resulting from our cooperation with LONGi, we present a high quality solution for commercial solar carports. As one of the world’s largest solar developers, LONGi provides unique expertise in renewable technologies.

Combined with our ability to integrate cutting-edge green technologies into a single solution, we created a game-changing product.

The legal obligation for installing a solar carport on parking areas will become a reality in most European countries by 2023. It is worth thinking ahead and being among the first to take advantage of this technology.

Solar Panels on Car Parking Spaces

Our carport solar panels use state-of-the-art technology based on mono crystal wafers.

A solar car parking space is suitable for many types of parking lots. It can be designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Once installed, a carport will increase property values and provide revenue streams for operators through EV charging stations, branding and advertising.

Flexible Solar Carport Structure Design

A solar carport is a ground mounted multi purpose structure. It provides sheltered parking for vehicles while generating electricity with a solar panel carport roof. It can then either be used on-site or to charge parking EVs.

Our solution is fully customized. It is available with or without EV chargers and battery storage. It can be installed separately or together with a roof-mounted solar panel system as an extension of your main building.

Our solar carport design is highly flexible. In particular, it is convenient for businesses without adequate roof space for an independent PV system.

Why Use our Solar Panel Carport?

We design each solar carport charging station according to your specific needs, requirements and budget.

Our solar panel carport kit is quick and simple to deploy, time-saving and a great way to reduce energy bills. Besides being brandable, it is fully customized and can be expanded with additional features any time.

This solution is very adaptable and can be repositioned easily in case you move to another location. If you decide to increase the size of your PV system, additional modules can be added.

Economic & Sustainable

Our tailored solution comes with reinforced concrete bases, removing the need for expensive foundations. This makes it easier to get building permissions and does not incur additional costs for masonry work.

Our carport is energy efficent, safe, durable and designed for a long service life.

The structure is made of silver anodized aluminum profiles and steel joints. It is well-equipped to protect mechanical components on the outside of parked cars.

Residential Solar Carport

Solar carports provide more flexibility for homeowners who want to optimize electricity bills but can’t install rooftop solar power systems. Many homes do no have an adequate roof for solar power system installations.

Solar carports do not have these liabilities because they provide the roof themselves. Also, they can be flexibly placed and orientated for optimal sunlight exposure.

Our solar carport solution is specifically designed to allow ideal sunshine exposure, which most roofs cannot.

How a Solar Carport Benefits your Business


Our solar carport is a multi purpose solution. It combines car shelter, EV charging, battery storage, solar power system and advertising carrier in one product.

Robust & Durable

The structure of our carport solution is able to resist earthquakes and strong winds. Furthermore, is equipped with a sophisticated anti collision design.


A simple yet superb design, appealing colors and textured materials, transform low-grade parking-spaces into a modern & futuristic environment.

Smart & Economic

Bill employees or visitors to charge their electric cars using electricity generated on-site by PV panels on the roof. This will guarantee increased ROI of your business premises.

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