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“Go Green, Go Solar”

A solar electric system is only as efficient and reliable as its weakest component. In order to ensure a smooth operation for a period of many years, it is important to rely on high-quality components. They are characterized by:

Above-average product quality
Best value for money
Long-term reliable warranties
Resource-saving and sustainable production and recycling processes

Inverter (1)


An inverter is one of the most important component of the system that converts direct current(DC) produced by the solar modules into alternating current(AC). This allows for the electricity to be either consumed or fed directly into the grid.

The quality of the inverter is essential for the overall energy yield of the system. An inverter that ensures a reliable operation, high efficiency and is equipped with intelligent control mechanisms can make the system efficient by ensuring optimum use of sunlight even during weak periods of radiation.

Intelligent Energy Meter

A smart energy meter records consumption and production data.

This enables optimal use of energy in the household. With the energy meter, a 3-phase energy measurement takes place in real time. The measurement data is transmitted to the inverters via standard interfaces.


Battery Storage

Storage solutions that include load management and battery storage systems allow for the maximum return on your equity. It ensures efficient storage of energy during peak production hours to be used during peak demand hours. The proper storage of solar energy has several advantages:

  • Balancing electric loads
  • Energy resilience
  • Filling in the gaps of low and high production hours

Photovoltaic Accessories

We offer a wide range of useful Inverter accessories at mouthwatering prices to help you harness the full potential of the system.

storage accessories
power optimizers

Power Optimizers

Power optimizers are a type of module-level power electronics (MLPE).They constantly monitor solar energy production data such as output voltage and peak efficiency, from each PV module individually, and then report financial and power performance statistics to a monitoring platform in real time. Thus they enable an enhanced cost-effective maintenance. They can be either frame-mounted to the solar module or replace the common junction box.

They are often advantageous for partially shaded roofs, varied module orientations, roof slopes, and filthy modules by allowing for a flexible installation design.

Solar Module

Solar mounting is a modular component-based technology for mounting solar panels. This cuts down on installation time and boosts efficiency. We have a wide choice of solar mounting solutions that may be used on practically any kind of surface. Thanks to high-quality components and reliable manufacturing, the mounting mechanism is non-corrosive and stable throughout the life of the PV system.

We provide a cost-effective, practical, and dependable solar mounting system suitable for all your PV needs.

balcony 1
Mounting Systems

Mounting Systems

We will help you to choose the right mounting systems. The right products can form a strong, secure and permanent connection for almost all types of roofing. Together we will find the right solution for individual requirements.

System Accessories

We offer a wide range of high quality system accessories at attractive prices.

system accessories
Solar Car park graphic side view Longi 1

Solar Carports

Our LONGi solar carport for 1 to 10 car parking spaces not only offers protection from wind and weather, but also generates more electricity than conventional modules thanks to the 445 Wp bifacial solar modules.

With its bifacial monocrystalline PERC technology, LONGi Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of PV modules worldwide, i.e. the modules have the special property of using both direct radiation on the front and indirect light on the back to generate electricity. Furthermore, the so-called "Half-Cut Technology" delivers a higher energy yield at a lower operating temperature.

We offer reliable, efficient, and cutting edge carport solutions at very attractive prices.

By generating electricity with our carport, you make yourself less dependent on constantly rising electricity prices.

If you have any questions about the LONGi Solar Carport, please give us a call.


We develop and market high-quality and intelligent charging stations for electric cars. They are known for their cost effectiveness, quality and durability.

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